Genital Warts vs. Genital Herpes: What’s the Difference?

Sexually spread diseases such as vaginal herpes and genital warts exist (STIs). Despite being brought on by distinct pathogens, they can manifest in the same areas of the body. Due to the fact that neither  Genital warts treatment STI always results in signs, they might go undetected. Both diseases are very infectious.

Genital warts and genital herpes will be covered in this piece, along with their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, therapy, and avoidance.


Warts and HSV genitalia 1 is contagious when skin-to-skin touch is made. 2 They are brought on by various pathogens, though.

Genital Warts:

A sexually spread illness is genital warts. They are brought on by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Direct physical interaction with an HPV-positive person who has the virus on their skin can transmit the infection.

2 Even if there are no obvious tumours, a person can still have the infection on their skin.

It is frequently transmitted during anal or vaginal intercourse. It may also, in exceptional circumstances, be transmitted through oral intercourse.

As not all of the flesh on the genital region is covered by a condom, you can develop warts even without engaging in penetrative intercourse or using a condom.


Even without signs or before a blister or sore has formed, genital herpes is very infectious. The herpes simplex infection is to blame (HSV). 1

Genital herpes can spread from one person to another through skin-to-skin touch with an affected bodily part, just like genital warts can.

This may happen by way of:

dental intercourse
Sexual activity between the legs
genital intercourse
Other means of transmission for genital herpes include:

If the genitalia come in touch with a chilly sore
sharing sexual accessories with an HPV patient
Fingers spreading the virus to the genitalia 3
Herpes cannot be spread through inadvertent touch with utensils or cups because the virus does not survive for very long outside of the skin.


Different signs in the vaginal region as well as elsewhere in the body are possible with genital warts and genital herpes. But because some individuals do not experience any signs from either of these STIs, they may go undetected. 4

Genital Warts:

Sometimes genital warts may not be apparent to the naked eye. They may occasionally be so tiny that you cannot see them.

Genital warts can be raised or flat and have the same hue as your epidermis. They might also mimic the head of a cauliflower in look. 4 Typically, these tumours cause no discomfort. 5

Genital tumours in girls can be found in:

external epidermis as well as close to the genitalia
on the exterior epidermis, close to the anus
Within the genitalia Within the anus
near the uterus

Genital tumours in men can manifest as:

on the testicles
near the glutes
within the urethra
Around the anus tissue in the buttocks
within the anus