Origins of Jungle Boys

In the world of American cannabis genetics, the Jungle Boys have garnered a significant following. This Los Angeles-based collective of growers has made a name for themselves by focusing on producing high-quality, potent, and clean cannabis strains. Their reputation is particularly strong for their discoveries and breeding of exceptional strains like White Fire OG, Mimosa, and various other cannabis varieties.

As a prominent player in the North American cannabis scene, the Jungle Boys supply premium cannabis buds, extracts, derivative products, and even a selection of their renowned strains’ seeds to dispensaries across the United States. Their journey has been marked by growth, challenges, legal battles, and eventual success.

Ivan, the driving force behind the Jungle Boys, embarked on his cannabis cultivation journey as a young enthusiast. Having been exposed to cannabis plants from a young age due to his mother’s cultivation, Ivan initially viewed cannabis growing as a hobby. He enjoyed consuming high-quality cannabis and occasionally explored cannabis-related publications like High Times.

Ivan’s early experiences with outdoor cannabis cultivation were guided by his mother’s expertise. She taught him various techniques, including plant pruning for discretion. Despite his initial lack of knowledge, Ivan’s passion for cultivation gradually deepened. However, due to life’s demands and responsibilities, he pursued jobs outside the cannabis industry to support his family.

A pivotal moment came when Ivan’s father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. This heartbreaking event prompted Ivan to delve into the medicinal benefits of cannabis. As conventional treatments failed to provide relief for his father’s suffering, they turned to cannabis for potential comfort during his final stages. Although the doctor couldn’t officially prescribe it, he suggested considering cannabis as an option.

This experience ignited Ivan’s dedication to cannabis cultivation. He recognized the plant’s potential to bring relief and decided to channel his efforts into growing high-quality cannabis. From here, the Jungle Boys’ journey gained momentum.

Their history is marked by adversity and triumph, from modest beginnings in a garage to expanding operations with numerous lights, opening a dispensary, grappling with corruption issues, engaging in legal battles with the city of Los Angeles, and ultimately achieving well-deserved success. The Jungle Boys have emerged as a prominent force in the cannabis industry, demonstrating the power of passion and dedication in the face of challenges.

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